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OCT 2017

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n Black Kite being mobbed by White Terns, Midway Atoll, 22 February 1998. Both species have now been added to the ABA Checklist based on occurrence in the Hawaiian Islands, and Black Kite has now also been recorded in Alaska. Photo © Peter Pyle n Nazca Booby, Moku Manu Islet off Oahu, 28 February 2006. This bird may have been paired with a Masked Booby. Although added to the ABA Checklist based on four records from Hawaii in 2006–2015, this species has also been recorded several times in California since 2012. Photo © Eric VanderWerf 32 Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy | October 2017 Adding "Hawaii-only" Species the remaining five species. An overall problem is that acceptance criteria for population establishment dif- fers among the HBRC, AOU, and ABA- CLC, while various state and provincial bird records committees are all over the place, in terms of both acceptance crite- ria and the motivation to even deal with exotic species. The HBRC adopted the criteria of Pyle and Pyle (2009), which used to reflect those of the ABA (my father formerly overseeing the rules for both checklists): "To be judged viable, a population must: (i) have bred in the Hawaiian Islands for fifteen (15) consec- utive years, (ii) be increasing or stable in number after an initial period of in- crease, and (iii) be judged to have oc- cupied sufficient suitable habitat that it seems likely to persist for the foreseeable future." The AOU uses essentially the same criteria except that they are even more lenient, requiring only 10 consec-

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