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NOV 2017

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22 Birder's Guide to Gear | November 2017 Merlin Bird ID App is actually a Carolina Wren (happens all the time!) and allowed you to make that change before you submitted the list. As we work towards harnessing com- puter vision for ornithology and birding, you can help by performing annotation tasks to advance current research ques- tions. Visit MerlinVision (merlinvision. to draw tight boxes around the bird in each image. This will help train Merlin to both find and iden- tify birds in a photo, an important step towards being able to provide counts and multiple species IDs in one photo. We can foresee a day when Merlin and other advances in technology of - fer assistance in the field, help solve conservation challenges, and engage a broad community in watching birds. In many ways, those days are here. What you can do today with the Merlin app can already help any level of birder. Merlin allows you to tap into the col- lective wisdom of hundreds of thou- sands of birders around the world to identify unfamiliar birds and explore lists of likely birds for any spot on the globe in a matter of seconds, right from the field. Join us in sharing Merlin with others and contributing to growing the biodiversity archive that is eBird. To- gether we can excite a global communi- ty to participate in our passion for birds. Merlin is free to download for iOS and Android devices, and it is available in Spanish and English at MerlinBirdID. com. Check out Bird Packs for the ABA Area, Mexico, Europe, and additional regions today. Acknowledgments Thanks to Ian Davies and Cullen Hanks for comments on earlier versions of this article. Merlin ® would not be possible without support from the National Sci- ence Foundation, Faucett Catalyst Fund, Visipedia, Google Focused Research Award, supporters of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the global community of eBirders. To all of you, thank you!

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