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NOV 2017

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28 Birder's Guide to Gear | November 2017 Footwear be taken into account in your decision to wear sandals on any particular outing, as the lack of protection may often prove to be unwise or downright dangerous in many of the places we birders visit. Specializing: Snow and Muck Boots Cold mornings in a blind or walking around city parks in mid-winter during your local Christmas Bird Count may re- quire something a bit different than you might wear the rest of the year. Snow or pack boots are thicker, taller, and warmer Want your toes to breathe? Chacos or Tevas are the way to go. The transition to exposing your feet in a pair of sandals may be intimidating, but the comfort and simplicity may well prove to be just what you are looking for. Sandals particularly shine in circum- stances that have you frequently wading through creeks or other water features. If you find yourself in these situations, a pair of water shoes is well worth the in- vestment. Obviously, common sense must through thick, prickly vegetation. Choosing a sandal for your birding adventures is straightforward. Want some protection for your toes? Buy a pair of Keens or a knockoff brand of closed-toe sandals.

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