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NOV 2017

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to shoot me a message with as much de- scriptive text as possible. I would be happy to help guide you toward the answer you are seeking. Each of the following books can be found at the bookstore by clicking on the ABA logo. If you purchase your books here, you will be supporting both a small-town bookstore and a small, independent business. Bird Tracks –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ◗ Mark Elbroch's Bird Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species is a great place to begin. Mark has extensive knowledge on the topic of animal tracks and sign , and he has written 12 books on these subjects. For those of you wanting to really geek out, this book is one of the most thorough resources about bird tracks and sign that I have seen. ◗ David Moskowitz's Wildlife of the Pa- cific Northwest: Tracking and Identifying Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates details critters found in the Pacific Northwest. At first , this would appear to serve only those in this specific part of the country, but I've found that many of the species he writes about actu- ally live throughout the western U.S. I look to Dave's book as one of my main cross- reference guides. Even though the species he covers are also found in Mark Elbroch's book, Dave has a slightly different skill set that I enjoy learning from. All of the draw- ings in the book are his and are arranged in an intuitive format that is easy to look at and learn from. Plus, you get to learn about the tracks and sign of mammals, reptiles, amphibians , and invertebrates right alongside the birds. ◗ ONLINE RESOURCE: The Facebook group "Animals Don't Cover Their 45 November 2017 | Birder's Guide to Gear

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