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NOV 2017

Birder's Guide is the American Birding Association's newest publication. Each issue focuses on a key subject, providing tips from experienced birders on a wide variety of topics like Travel, Listing & Taxonomy, Gear, and Conservation & Community.

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5 November 2017 | Birder's Guide to Gear Jessie Barry helps lead the Macaulay Library and Merlin teams at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. She is grateful for the ABA's young birder programs, which helped her get her start in birding and launch a career focused on birds. Kristi Dranginis is the founder of, a hub of resources and courses that help people around the world build confidence learning about birds. She is a contributor to the Dipper Project, which studies the ef - fects of the Gold King Mine spill on the avian world. Kristi also leads birding courses and is a naturalist, herbalist, and professional photographer. Sherrie Duris , known to many as Bird Girl, is an avid birder and nature pho - tographer who originally resided along the shores of Lake Erie, where her love for birds began. She served as Vice President of The Toledo Naturalists' Association and also conducted shore - bird surveys and led field trips for Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Sherrie moved to Colorado in 2015 to pursue a passion in nature photog - raphy. She currently leads birding and photography tours in Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding areas. Sherrie has recently expanded her wild - life and landscape photography skills to include night-sky, astrophotography, and time-lapse among them. Laura Kammermeier is a writer, website producer, traveler, birder, and travel con - sultant. She is the creator and managing director of, which is a compendium of global na- ture travel resources to link travelers with great birding and nature hotspots, ecolodges, and qualified tour opera - tors. She is also the sole proprietor of My Digital Nature, a web development and digital communications company specializing in nature and tourism cli - ents. Laura is president of the Rochester Birding Association and a co-founder of the Ohio Ornithological Society, and she formerly led Project FeederWatch. She lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband and two children. Marcel Such is a lifelong birder and com- petitive trail runner who hails from the land of Gunnison Sage-Grouse in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. To balance his two passions, Marcel can often be seen birding without bin - oculars as he traverses long distances across the mountains. Marcel is a pas - sionate advocate for birds and the en- vironment, is involved with the ABA's Camp Colorado for young birders, and is a senior at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado, where he studies environmental biol - ogy and mathematics. Drew Weber , Merlin Project Coordinator at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has been birding nearly his entire life. He enjoys combining his interests in technology and birds to teach people about birds while fueling some of his twitching tendencies. His current ob - session is working on his "day lists," a life list for a particular date (such as February 29). About the Contributors

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