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MAR 2018

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Birder's Guide to Travel | April 2018 10 Samuel Denault is a biologist with a Master of Science degree specializing in avian stud- ies, but he is above all an avid birder and vagrant aficionado. He has participated ac- tively in the soon-to-be-published Québec Breeding Bird Atlas, to which he has con- tributed fieldwork, data review, and writing. Samuel has been a coauthor of the Québec Region column in North American Birds for almost 20 years. He lives in Montréal. Douglas Gochfeld is a born-and-bred Brooklynite who has been scouring the ur- ban landscape of New York City for birds since he was seven. After academic training in finance and economics, Doug has spent much of the past decade as a working birder around the globe, be it intensively studying shorebirds in Suriname or Alaska, conduct- ing migration surveys in Israel or Cape May, New Jersey, or guiding in the Bering Sea. He now gets to globetrot as a tour leader for Field Guides Birding Tours, where he gets to cultivate his proclivities for birding, social- izing, travel, and logistics all at once. In ad- dition to his soft spot for shorebirds and sea- birds, he has strong interests in bird migra- tion, vagrancy, and patterns of distribution, which lend themselves well to his current role on the New York State Avian Records Committee. Stephan Lorenz has been fortunate to bird on a little slice of each continent, which has enabled him to work on his bird family life list and explore a wide variety of cultures and landscapes. He spent seven seasons in Alaska with a special focus on the remote outposts of the Bering Sea and documented a new bird species for the ABA Area while doing field work in the Aleutian Islands. Currently, he leads tours for Rockjumper Birding Tours, focusing on the Americas and Asia. He greatly enjoys sharing the world of birds with as many people as possible, either by leading tours or writing about traveling and birding. In between, Stephan travels and birds, with a special interest in less-traveled areas, such as the Andaman Islands, which he visited recently. If time permits, he occasionally climbs a mountain or heads to Texas's Big Bend National Park, one of his favorite birding locations. Geoff Malosh serves as a technical reviewer for Birder's Guide. A native of Pittsburgh and birder since the age of eight, he has become a frequent author and speaker on a variety of bird-related topics, as well as a serious (amateur) bird photographer. Geoff has a special interest in bird record- keeping, and for 10 years he was the chief editor of Pennsylvania Birds, the journal of ornithological record for the state of Pennsylvania. He also served two terms on the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee and currently is an eBird re- viewer for the state of Pennsylvania. He travels extensively both in the U.S. and abroad, always with camera and binocu- lars in hand. His photos have appeared in many books, magazines, newspapers, and ABA publications. Forrest Rowland discovered an interest in birds at age nine during a family trip to Trinidad. Wowed by motmots, bellbirds, trogons, and coquettes, he pursued his pas - sion for birds and wildlife until it became his profession. He has worked on a num - ber of research projects in the Americas, guided several dozen tours to more than 30 countries, and serveed on various records committees. Currently, Forrest works for Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Expeditions as their New World Products Manager, and he continues to lead tours throughout the Neotropics. He conveys his enthusiasm and love for birds through photography, writing, and shared experiences in the field. About the Contributors

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