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MAR 2018

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A D V E R T I S I N G T his is a paid advertisement, so let's get the pitch out of the way. Tropical Birding is a birding and photography tour company that runs hundreds of tours all over the world catering to birders, photog- raphers and wildlife enthusiasts. Now, if you are still reading, let's get to the juicy stuff. Anyone who has gone out birding recently is sure to have noticed that birders are increasingly using cameras in addition to, and sometimes as a replace- ment tool for, binoculars. Photographers are also pay- ing more attention to observ- ing birds and wildlife than they used to. Although the circumstantial evidence sug- gests a shift in focus within the hobby of birding, we at Tropical Birding wanted to get a real empirical feel for the shift, and devise ways of servicing that change. We did this by surveying thou - sands of people through our mailing lists and Facebook page ( TropicalBirding/), and were elated to get several hundred responses detailing people's changing birding/wildlife watching/nature photogra- phy habits. The results left us amazed. Let's start with a Venn diagram illustrating the inter- ests of birding, wildlife-watching, and outdoor pho- tography. Annotated on the diagram are the 'types' of trips that cater for the various interests and their overlap-zones. We immediately noticed that there is NO 'type' of trip that caters for people with near-equal interests in both birding and photography. Well, none ARE BIRDERS HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS? The merging of photography and birding OVERLAPPING INTERESTS AND CORRESPONDING TOURS New "Birding with a Camera" Genre Hardcore Birding General Safari Birding Safari Photo Safari Photography Tours Photography Workshops Outdoor Photography Birding Other Wildlife

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