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MAR 2018

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in the heart a big city. This dovetails with Prospect Park hosting denser, more natural, unmanicured habitats for birds. Just to the west of Prospect Park is another large urban green space, Green-Wood Cemetery, opened 30 years before the Civil War. Green- Wood is almost as large as Prospect Park, though weekend visits provide very different experiences: Prospect Park brims with human recreation, while you can walk around Green- Wood and seldom see another soul. These two green spaces dominate north–central Brooklyn, not only be- n This map of Brooklyn gives a good sense of how restricted open space is in Kings County and also hints at why what green space does exist is so im- portant and productive. Brooklyn Bridge Park, being isolated from other productive patches of habitat, does not have its own map, but it is accessible by mul- tiple means of public transporta- tion, as well as a small metered parking lot off Furman Street along the east side of the park, under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Map © Rad Smith (web version only) 26 Birder's Guide to Travel | April 2018 Birding Brooklyn n Clapper Rails breed in Brookyln's saltmarshes, and they are occasionally seen as migrants in Prospect Park! Photo © Douglas Gochfeld

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