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MAR 2018

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their long migration to the Southern Hemisphere. Sanderling, White-rumped Sandpiper, and Semipalmated Sandpiper are the most abundant species in August, and daily totals of 15 species of shore- birds are not uncommon. Dunlin ar- rive in numbers with the advance of fall and cooler temperatures. As such, this site remains productive into early November. Curlew Sandpiper has also been recorded twice, and this is probably the most reliable spot for Buff-breasted Sandpiper in Québec (usually at the beginning of September). Seawatching from the sandbar also provides interest - ing birding possibilities. The number of Surf and White-winged scoters, along with molting Common Eiders, is in the tens of thousands. Red-throated Loons and Razorbills are common sights, while Northern Gannets plunge very close to shore. Historically, this has been consid - ered one of the region's top locations to spot a jaeger from the shore. La Haute-Côte-Nord County comes to an end a few dozen kilometers past this site, but visitors with a lot of time on their hands could continue driving east on Route 138 for almost a thousand kilometers! Birding opportunities are almost endless along the north shore of the St. Lawrence. Table 1. Highest daily counts at Tadoussac Bird Observatory in fall for different boreal species Species Highest daily count Date Sharp-shinned Hawk 1,778 9 September 2017 Northern Goshawk 57 4 October 1992 Iceland Gull 1,168 14 November 2015 Boreal Chickadee 739 10 October 2008 Black-Backed Woodpecker 22 5 October 2006 Rusty Blackbird 2,931 23 September 2016 Pine Grosbeak 5,285 25 October 2016 Common Redpoll 55,110 31 October 2015 White-winged Crossbill 6,509 10 November 2006 Pine Siskin 23,760 24 October 2017 Table 2. Highest daily counts in Tadoussac region in spring during episodes of reverse migration Species Highest daily count Date Ruby-crowned Kinglet 4,110 29 April 2017 Cedar Waxwing 6,716 1 June 2011 Cape May Warbler 1,730 19 May 2017 Magnolia Warbler 960 22 May 2009 Yellow-rumped Warbler 7,594 23 May 2011 Blackpoll Warbler 2,927 2 June 2011 Tennessee Warbler 4,246 1 June 2011 Warbler sp. 43,470 23 May 2011 Dark-eyed Junco 19,700 29 April 2017 51 April 2018 | Birder's Guide to Travel left to right: n Razorbill. Photo © Timothy Paine n Northern Goshawk. Photo © Samuel Denault

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